The Importance of your Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment Package

It’s often what isn’t immediately obvious that really matters. Consider the built environment around you and how many times you’ve passed a building site and nothing seems to be happening until suddenly the structure appears. Well, it’s what is underground that allows the building to stand.

The same principle is true of furniture, fixtures and equipment, the FF&E package. It cannot be seen from outside the building but is possibly the single greatest determiner of a building’s day to day functionality. Take a bespoke reception desk for example. What appears as a few lines on a GA plan will in fact become the first impression of the building interior. The clients or architect aspiration for this important centre piece sometimes takes weeks of digging in design meetings, drawings and samples to achieve sign off.

And yet often the package is procured with little spare time and an even smaller budget. As one senior design director said “it’s often the last to be bought but the first to be seen”!

A lasting impression of your building can be formed by user interaction, negative or positive. A loose squeaky drawer or a quality, silent soft close mechanism? A roller blind that has a broken chain or a smooth, safe shading system? Simple details within our package can have a huge lasting effect on the building as a working, living or learning environment.

As designers, manufacturers and installers of FF+E and fitted furniture we can engage early and ensure the specification is correct and suitable for the building use. We can give you access to our often forgotten about design resources, such as BIM drawings and visualisations, product specifications and even product samples, on any project and make sure that helps you deliver the perfectly functional building.

By Gerard Baxter, Area Sales Director

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