RapidWard and Response to COVID-19

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WorkSpace counts it a privilege to be part of the support corps to Britain’s best loved service – the NHS. For nearly 30 years, we have provided the NHS with work-spaces of the highest quality and functionality. In return, the NHS has been by far our largest customer, providing nearly 70% of our business since 1996.

As the COVID-19 crisis moves towards its peak, however, the responsibility that comes with the privilege of supplying the NHS is abundantly clear. As our doctors and nurses are on the frontline of the greatest battle in our NHS’s history, so the team at WorkSpace is working around the clock to ensure that we can provide for them in any way we can.

Amongst the measures we have taken are:

Products for crisis facilities

The consolidation and launching of a new range specifically designed to provide doctors and nurses with safe, hygienic work-spaces in temporary or modular facilities set up to deal with this crisis. Products we are launching in this range include:

  • mobile workstations and cabinetry
  • mobile hand-wash stations
  • temporary shelving systems
  • mobile wardrobes and bedroom furniture

See more about Active RapidWard here.

Dedicated COVID-19 team

Every day from 2pm onwards, our business development team will be entirely dedicated to communicating and finding solutions with our NHS and construction-sector partners, specifically relating to this crisis.

Stock levels

We are increasing our stock levels of standard products and furniture systems from Active™ and Hygenius® ranges to ensure they are ready for quick turnaround ward re-purposing projects.

Flexible capacity

We have gained commitments from all key members of our supply chain to ensure that capacity is available for all urgent works that result from this crisis.

On top of these measures, we are very keen to hear feedback on where else we can help from our range of products and services.

As an important footnote, we should also make clear that the only commitment we take more seriously than our commitment to the NHS, is that to our staff and team. To ensure their health and well-being, therefore, beyond a skeleton staff at our headquarters in Perth, all office staff are working from home and our factory and site teams have implemented strict working procedures to minimise the risk of infection.

The situation we find ourselves in is unprecedented but a concerted national effort is our best hope of beating this disease and at WorkSpace we are willing to play our part.

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